Humility Creates Miracles with Nihal Kaur

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Class Exercises

Surya Namaskar
Easy Pose
Corpse Pose
Leg Lifts
Harmonium Chanting

About this Class:

Acknowledge the reality of miracles as they flow out of one being into the beings around them.

Bringing prana into the heart, expanding it, we tap into that universal consciousness, the part of us that knows worlds beyond what our finite self knows. As we become crystal clear our heart is open, we're able to be all we can be. Expanding within our own infinite space.

Humility is being willing to acknowledge that we are not the most powerful thing in the universe. Humility is not weakness. It is being open to receiving guidance from something greater than ourselves, usually in the form of intuition. Being willing to listen, to go beyond our doubts, to accept a wisdom deeper than our own.

In order to receive inner guidance our heart center must be open, and we must have the willpower to follow it. We build this will to act by strengthening the navel point. We learn to welcome this guidance.


Bonus Material: 6 Minute Gong
Runtime: 8min



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