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members - Beauty Thru Radiance


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In this class you’ll practice sealing off the lower triangle, sealing off the sexual center, sealing off the center of power, pulling up the energy from the Muladhara Chakra. Learning to have control over the lower centers is the first and most prime example of what you have to do. If you don’t have control over the lower centers, no matter how much energy you get, no matter how much life force you take in, you’ll leak it out. So you must learn how to control your lower centers. You have to keep that lower triangle balanced. Not that you can’t be a part of this life, but that you have conscious control over the energy flow in your body and you just don’t waste it, which is what most people do. All the creative forces, all the life you have, all the love that you create in this body, is done by opening the heart center. As we change our frequency to a higher frequency, it changes the planet, it changes everything we come in contact with, and it works on very a subtle level. This is where true change happens, this is where the environmental movement starts, with your own self, with your own light, and once you make that connection with your own light, everything happens naturally, because the light is the guiding force.

members - Strengthening Your Self-Awareness


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This class is for strengthening your self-awareness, not your ego but your self-awareness of your own body, strengthening the nervous system so you can handle the kundalini, so you can handle the changes that are coming in your life. In this form of this body the energy flows in many ways but the most common, the most positive, most yogic way is up and down the spine. Think of it as an elevator of consciousness allowing you access to different vibrational frequencies.

members - Balance


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This class is on balance, balancing the subtle body, the physical body, balancing the pranic flow of life force within the body. We're not the personality, its the inner light that we relate to in each and every person, so don't let your mind wander, with each inhale, follow it all the way to the base of the spine, and with each exhale, allow the energy to rise up the spine. Your job in this class and in this life, is to keep conscious of your breath, don't let one breath go unnoticed. See if in this class you can keep your mind from wandering, see if you can keep your mind from doing what IT does best, running away, with each inhale inhale wah, with each exhale, exhale guru, the wondrous dispeller of darkness, the bringer of light.

members - Introduction to Tibetan Yoga with Lama Norbu


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Introducing Lama Norbu our special guest and master of Vajrayana in the Tibetan tradition. After 20 years of studying Tibetan Buddhism at Sera Monastery, he dedicated his life to teaching Buddhism and spreading Dharma around the world.
Through the practice of Tibetan Yoga I, myself, have experienced extraordinary benefits and have witnessed a transformation within myself beyond any tradition. By the kindness of my Guru, it is now time to share this teaching with people." -Lama Norbu

members - Internal Health with Nihal Kaur


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Internal Health with Nihal Kaur: Join Nihal Kaur as she leads this class from Kundalini Live focusing on internal health.

members - The Song of Our Life


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The Song of Our Life: Living in harmony with one’s own life’s song is where we want to be. This class provides a platform to experience a higher vibration perspective with kundalini yoga. We are so much more than is capable of being expressed in this human form.

members - The Power to Help


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The Power to Help: The power to help begins by strengthening our connection to ourselves and every living thing. This class reminds us of our capacity to see and live in the world with the elevated consciousness realized by doing kundalini yoga. Staying grounded with the breath, seeing the world through the filter of our heart center and bringing our true grit and determination to the obstacles we face.

members - Infinite Possibilities


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Infinite Possibilities: Finding a discipline from which to gather the life force and elevate ourselves is the key to exploring the endless expressions of consciousness. Without discipline, without boundaries, we can get lost or fall into someone else’s reality. Identifying what captures your heart and dedicating yourselves to the service of others brings life into focus. We become stronger and more resilient by connecting with the endless energy of love and compassion and our own life force.

members - The Technology of Yoga


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The Technology of Yoga This is an energizing class from Kundalini Live focused on the bandhas, or body locks. These locks direct the prana and apana, the generative and eliminating energies. With continuing, deepening practice of the bandhas, the body systems are cleansed, restored, and refined through this circulation of kundalini energy.

members - Step Into Your Grit with Nahil Kaur


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Step Into Your Grit with Nahil Kaur Navigating our own sacred path requires grit and determination. Grit is defined as firmness of mind or spirit : unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger. When things get rough we need our deepest strength to bring us to a place of expansion instead of fear and collapse. Breath into difficulty. It's our job to find the infinity of truth within us.