Activating the Kundalini

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Class Exercises

Life Nerve Stretch
Washing Machine with 90° bent ebow Gyan Mudra
from Easy Pose flex arms up-down Gyan Mudra Easy Pose Gyan Mudra with visualization
Ego Eradicator
Corpse Pose
90° Leg Lifts
Corpse Pose
90° Leg Lift with Breath of Fire
Corpse Pose
Life Nerve Stretch front
from Rock Pose stretch up on knees to Heart Center Opener
Baby Pose
Ego Eradicator
Easy Pose Gyan Mudra Adi Shakti mantra

About this Class:

To be on a spiritual path means to be healthy, to be on a spiritual path means to be sane, and to be sane you have to be conscious of your lower centers in relationship to your intent of consciousness. Your intent is to become merged in the infinite, your intent is to open your hearts and to share that love and consciousness with each other. So to be sane is to be aware of all the different centers in the body, and yet to bring yourself back to your heart, to bring yourself back to the love of consciousness itself.




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