Becoming Metabolic - Kundalini with Jacki Brown

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Becoming Metabolic - Kundalini with Jacki Brown Jacki Brown help us process and release all the junk we're carrying around in this freeing and energizing 99 minute class. Metabolizing pain and false beliefs are just two of the benefits of practicing kundalini yoga. Being loving and compassionate starts with being loving and compassionate to ourselves. Knowing we are not our mind, and not our body is just step one. Realizing and acting on our limitless capacity to love and support each other is why we are here and also the pathway home. Kundalini Live is a student supported kundalini yoga practice filmed in "Kundalini Vision" at Wave Street Wellness in Monterey Ca. If your a teacher and want to learn more about being featured on Kundalini Live or if you are a musician and want to feature your music on Kundalini Live drop us a note at Sign up and receive access to our 40+ hour Kundalini Live library and new releases at




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