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Full-length Kundalini Yoga Classes:

Runtime: 74min

Creating a Personality That’s Disposable

The human form becomes a representation of your consciousness and your consciousness is an explorer on that infinite horizon of possibility. Your life becomes that dance of consciousness that’s a sacrifice to that stage of consciousness of the infinite universe. How beautiful and outrageous is this. Your life becomes a celebration of that consciousness, and your only thought is how can I serve that consciousness, how can I merge more into that lite. Your ego becomes huge but almost transparent because it merges off into that infinite self and it becomes the lite itself.

Runtime: 61min

Activating the Kundalini

To be on a spiritual path means to be healthy, to be on a spiritual path means to be sane, and to be sane you have to be conscious of your lower centers in relationship to your intent of consciousness. Your intent is to become merged in the infinite, your intent is to open your hearts and to share that love and consciousness with each other. So to be sane is to be aware of all the different centers in the body, and yet to bring yourself back to your heart, to bring yourself back to the love of consciousness itself.

Runtime: 67min

The Ever Present Now in Consciousness

You have to make your body a temple for the light to come into it. Your personality, your ego is a sub-program working off an infinite program. Most of us forget that, and we get caught in our little sub-programs, our egos. Egos are necessary, you have to have a self-awareness, you have to have a self-discipline, and you have a life to live. But keep in mind that not only does this life end as a physical manifestation, but these egos these self-aware nesses end. What is left is the essence of who you are. The part of you that exists, beyond this little self-program that you’ve created thru this life, is the essence of who you are that carries across life, carries across conscious and sub-conscious, that’s always there.

Runtime: 65min

Creating a Mythology for Yourself

Learning how to use your mind and control it, learning the pathways of energy, but probably most important is knowing the intent of life itself. In the story of your life create a life that has balance, that has harmony, that has joy, that works together with all the varying parts. But keep the intent of your consciousness strong and stable, because that is what guides you. The intent of consciousness is consciousness itself.

Runtime: 54min

On God Realization

We create in this body thru kundalini yoga the strength not only of the nervous system but of the magnetic field itself to handle the energy of being GOD. The infinite horizon of consciousness is always there, beckoning, and all it ever asks you is how much can you take, how strong are you, how humble are you, how aware are you. That huge wave of consciousness is always ready to break should you take a chance to step into it.

Runtime: 65min

Stretching Both Ways

The dynamics that we’re interested in this class, is stretching both ways. Your cobra pose for stretching back and the front bend stretch for stretching forward. The idea is to have balance and to tune in to your body. Some days you’ll have to work on different parts of your body, some days you’ll work on the lower triangle and on other days you’ll require more work on the shoulders and neck. Be coconscious enough of your body to change that routine if you need to, to work on the individual problems of the day.

Runtime: 66min

Rejoice in the Consciousness of Being Alive

The possibilities of the infinite are beckoning you, and the horizon of consciousness is available to you, right now, at this very moment. What personality can you choose to have that allows you to be conscious, to be radiant, to be beautiful, to be self aware and yet seamlessly merge into that infinite consciousness. How can you create a personality to do that.

Runtime: 62min

Cleansing the Magnetic Field

If you could see yourself in your dream state, you would be aware of things that cling on to you. There are not only entities but distorted vibrational frequencies. The idea is to have your magnetic field so those things do not cling to you. The distractions you may be aware of will just fall off. When you create a disciple in your life, the frequency of vibrations that are not conducive to your growth in consciousness do not stick to you.

Runtime: 68min

Becoming Your Sadhana

Sadhana is the spiritual practice. As you perfect your sadhana it becomes the way you are. You become your sadhana. Your spiritual practice and your life become one. It doesn’t mean you have to give up anything, it just means that you gather everything and you discriminate, which is both helpful and distracting.

Runtime: 55min

Alchemy of Yoga

Transmuting passion to compassion. We who are the fractal reflections of the one light claim our birthright of pure joy. The journey of the double helix into the mental and physical realms. The yoga of pure awareness, welcome home.

Runtime: 69min

The Very Least is Health the Very Most is Enlightenment

As you create a discipline in life make it one that awakens and uplifts you, and change the ones that are detrimental. In this class we are creating a personality that can bridge that gap between sleep and wake, so you can consciously open that door and walk in your own dreams. To do this you have to shed the baggage and become very, very small so you can become very, very large.

Runtime: 54min

Aura Expansion

Balancing mind and body with Pranayama and basic yogic positions. Creating an internal dialogue to promote joy and wonder with an attitude of gratitude. Energizing the kundalini elevator to the 10th gate.

Runtime: 60min

To Be A Real Human Being

Identifying the pathways within your (mind, body) to overcome fatigue, depression and lack of motivation. The activation and setting of the chakras, gathering the prana and energizing this human archetype.

Runtime: 53min

Joy and Source Connection

Understanding balance is the key to understanding health. Natural systems including human beings are always working to find equilibrium. By letting go we allow our priorities to rearrange themselves and present us with a more balanced blueprint for life.

Runtime: 54min

Cleansing the Thymus Gland

This body is a vehicle for expression of your connection with yourself and your infinite self. There are many doorways or portals in this body that you can access thru yoga. Many possibilities, but most people live in their lower centers. They live in the material world and they don’t have access to their higher centers. They don’t take the time to develop those pathways, they don’t take the time to open those doors. In this class you’ll learn to open those doors and you’ll learn to pull yourself thru those doors into levels of consciousness that are your birthright.

Runtime: 57min

The Longing to Belong

It’s the longing to belong that motivates the consciousness of all beings. The longing to belong to yourself, to your greater self, to the infinite realms that you came from and the infinite realms that you go to. You have to be explorers in consciousness, fearless, and these infinite horizons are yours to explore.

Runtime: 60min

How to Know God

How to you know what to surrender to. How you know what the truth is. Remember the better the counterfeit the closer it is to the truth. The touchstone is your breath and consciousness. When you can still you mind and allow yourself to be immersed in the joy of pure consciousness you’ll recognized the truth. Free of fear, full of joy taking that step toward the infinite, learning to die while you’re still alive, learning to die so you can be alive. Consciously watch your breath. God is not far, it’s very, very near, and it’s just right behind your breath.

Runtime: 50min

Stilling the Thought Waves of the Mind

The art of yoga is stilling the thought waves of the mind. Everything we do in this class is to that effect. You still the thought waves while you’re conscious, you enter that state of sleep while you’re conscious and you go thru it. You find a way thru that threshold of consciousness and sub-consciousness. That’s the aim of yoga, to relax enough with enough energy in life to go thru that threshold consciously and by doing so you quiet your mind while still being conscious of yourself.

Runtime: 63min

The Breath is a Guru

Follow your breath. The breath is your only hope to quiet this mind. You can’t quiet the mind by telling it to be quiet, it doesn’t pull itself up by its own bootstraps. The idea of the spiritual path is that each breath that you take you relate to your divine consciousness, your inner light, each breath you remember who you are, you continually bring yourself back to your breath. So as your mind begins to wander bring it back to your breath.

Runtime: 59min

Seeing the World thru the Eyes of your Creator

The idea of this class is that we want to give you the experience of your own inner light. We want to give you the experience that it is possible to find that Siddhartha moment in yourself, that you can sit by that river of consciousness and have the peace within yourself to watch it go by and to observe the manifestations of all these people and beings that you meet, and see yourself in that river of consciousness. The idea of this class is to give you that peacefulness within, that activation of your kundalini, the activation of all centers in this body so you have the possibility of seeing the world thru the eyes of your creator.

Runtime: 57min

Stimulating the Third Center

The karmas in this body will be served. You can overcome them but ultimately the bills come due. The way you deal with those bills determines the essence of your soul and consciousness. It’s always how you deal with the circumstances rather than the circumstances. So train yourself to deal from your heart. Train yourself to take that deep breath when you’re the most upset and say what vibrational frequency am I really trying to manifest, what is my ultimate goal, who am I really trying to be. We all have to remind ourselves of this every breath we take.

Runtime: 66min

Consistency of Discipline

Once you have established this spiritual practice to have the consistency in your life, then you can start the process of awakening in this dream. Were all consciousness, were all God, we often say that but most everyone lives in the dream intellectual state of it. We understand the possibility of that statement to be true, but to live and breathe that statement with every breath, to experience that divine consciousness stretching into the infinite vistas of your own personality, seeing that vision and living that vision is different from just imagining the possibility of it. But living that vision is what you came here to do.

Runtime: 64min

Attributes of Consciousness

Fearlessness, Grace, Awareness, Undying, Unborn, Infinite, and Love, that magical feeling, that selflessness within yourself. We all love to fall in Love, but that’s what you have to do, is fall. Love is when you surrender to that feeling of selflessness, and that’s what the spiritual path is about. You fall in love with the infinite light within yourself and nothing else matters. That is who and what you are in love with.

Runtime: 61min

Expansion of the Magnetic Field

This class is to create a spiritual consciousness. You should learn from everyone, but ultimately you’ll come back to the light within yourself. That is what the guru is. Everything else is just getting to that place where you can take the time and focus and allow yourself to experience who you really are, without being distracted.

Runtime: 65min

Probing the Event Horizon

For homework, explore that place where you fall asleep, and explore it with full vital consciousness. Can you put yourself as close as you can to falling asleep and observe how you can cross over into that sub-conscious realm consciously. This is where meditation begins. Thinking about it, quieting the mind with the breath are the techniques to get to the point where you can slip thru that door consciously. Without being able to be awake in your dream state you’re just practicing meditation, you’re not meditating.

Runtime: 58min

Intent of Consciousness

The bridge between the conscious and sub-conscious mind is the breath. To become a conscious being you have to make the conscious bridge so there is no difference between your conscious actions and your sub-conscious actions. There is no difference between how you act in your dreams and how you act as a normal waken human being. You have to make that bridge so your face doesn’t change. Your face needs to remain the same. By face I mean, the conscious manifestation of who you are, and it doesn’t change between wake and sleep, it doesn’t change between dream and fantasy, you are stable, you have made a commitment in your life to be a stable radiant being.

Runtime: 53min

A Basic Sadhana Set

The most important thing to realize is the visualization of the energy in yoga. As the light filters down thru the chakras it diffuses out into different patterns and different forms until it reaches the base and then almost becomes solid. Your job is to bring that solid energy back up the evolutionary channel then make that connection between heaven and earth.

Runtime: 63min

The Infinite Horizon

Of all the possibilities of yoga, the focal point of this class is knowing the inner light, how to know the essence of yourself. When you live against the background of the infinite, when that horizon that you look across and see your reflection upon is infinite, never ending. Then you stand as a being of consciousness. On that horizon where there is no family, it’s just you against that infinite horizon, and yet you see in that reflection all beings, and the only support you have is your breath.

Runtime: 70min


What is that inspiration that makes one want to be in tune with their inner light? That longing, that calling you feel that you are here for is called Grace. Most people ignore it and never consider the possibility of waking up. But you here in this class of kundalini yoga choose to wake up to yourself, to who you are, the light of the universe.

Runtime: 57min

Be Conscious of Your Breath

All martial arts, all the disciplines that give you control over this body, begin and end with the breath, so whatever you do if nothing else you get from this class make it a point to be conscious of your breath. As you do kundalini yoga things will happen to you. You will expand and you will contract, life will become more interesting, life will become more energetic, sometimes your sleep or wake patterns will be interrupted but center yourself with your breath, when this happens, check your diet, balance your liquids. You have to be more conscious when you start this path.

Runtime: 64min

Explorers of Consciousness

The idea in yoga is to give you the connection between your body cave (lower centers) and your origin, then to give you free passage to all the states of consciousness between all the chakras into different dimensions. You go thru those dimensions as a holistic complete consciousness. This is our journey in yoga, from the base to the etheric.

Runtime: 57min

Harmony Beauty and Compassion

We practice discipline and become a disciple of our own inner life. We open our hearts and within that selflessness of ourselves we have compassion for all the different aspects of our own consciousness that manifest around us. That’s God talking to God, that’s walking in the mind of God and that is the mind we walk in. Most of the time we are sealed off in little programs of our own bio-computers. But occasionally we get a glimpse of the real thing behind all these little programs that are running, it’s always there, just behind your breath.

Runtime: 57min

Waking Ourselves to Infinite Awareness

In this class we are waking ourselves up to the potential of infinite awareness and of joining in the collective consciousness that we all are one. As you breathe feel the collective breath of the entire planet, feel the breath of every being. This consciousness, that is shared, this life force, that is shared, not only among the living but by every atom and every particle in the universe, vibrate with the same consciousness as you.

Runtime: 57min

Healing of the People of this World

As we heal ourselves and as we control our own thoughts, we start to control the thought waves of the planet. So for yourself make your body the representation of this world and heal your own body then project that healing out to the entire planet.

Runtime: 60min

The Infinite Large to the Infinite Small

All of us have the infinite within us, we have the infinite smallness and the infinite largeness. That dynamic, between large and small, is what we are working on in this class. You'll feel yourself expanding and contracting, you'll feel yourself physically becoming bigger and then physically becoming smaller.

Runtime: 53min

Strengthening the Heart Chakra

The class is for the Heart Center, the Anahat Chakra. The element it works with is air. To have the Heart Center open and useful you have to have the third center(Solar Plexus Chakra) balanced. That connection between a solid third center and the air of the heart has to be established.

Runtime: 65min

And Your Kundalini Rises

In Kundalini Yoga we gather the pranic energy, the life force, then we direct it up the spine. We seal off the lower centers then the energy rises, then we open up the heart center, the throat center, the third eye and ultimately the crown chakra, the thousand petal lotus. As you concentrate on each breath when you bring the breath to the base of your spine up to the third eye center, when you complete that cycle of consciousness and energy, then you liberate yourself from all doubt, then you live in the eternal now of consciousness.

Runtime: 52min

Beauty Thru Radiance

In this class you’ll practice sealing off the lower triangle, sealing off the sexual center, sealing off the center of power, pulling up the energy from the Muladhara Chakra. Learning to have control over the lower centers is the first and most prime example of what you have to do. If you don’t have control over the lower centers, no matter how much energy you get, no matter how much life force you take in, you’ll leak it out. So you must learn how to control your lower centers. You have to keep that lower triangle balanced. Not that you can’t be a part of this life, but that you have conscious control over the energy flow in your body and you just don’t waste it, which is what most people do.

Runtime: 59min

Strengthening Your Self-Awareness

This class is for strengthening your self-awareness, not your ego but your self-awareness of your own body, strengthening the nervous system so you can handle the kundalini, so you can handle the changes that are coming in your life. In this form of this body the energy flows in many ways but the most common, the most positive, most yogic way is up and down the spine. Think of it as an elevator of consciousness allowing you access to different vibrational frequencies.

Runtime: 57min


This class is on balance, balancing the subtle body, the physical body, balancing the pranic flow of life force within the body. We're not the personality, its the inner light that we relate to in each and every person, so don't let your mind wander, with each inhale, follow it all the way to the base of the spine, and with each exhale, allow the energy to rise up the spine. Your job in this class and in this life, is to keep conscious of your breath, don't let one breath go unnoticed.

Runtime: 85min

Introduction to Tibetan Yoga with Lama Norbu

Introducing Lama Norbu our special guest and master of Vajrayana in the Tibetan tradition. After 20 years of studying Tibetan Buddhism at Sera Monastery, he dedicated his life to teaching Buddhism and spreading Dharma around the world. Through the practice of Tibetan Yoga I, myself, have experienced extraordinary benefits and have witnessed a transformation within myself beyond any tradition. By the kindness of my Guru, it is now time to share this teaching with people." -Lama Norbu

Runtime: 58min

Internal Health with Nihal Kaur

Join Nihal Kaur as she leads this class from Kundalini Live focusing on internal health.

Runtime: 77min

The Song of Our Life

Living in harmony with one’s own life’s song is where we want to be. This class provides a platform to experience a higher vibration perspective with kundalini yoga. We are so much more than is capable of being expressed in this human form.

Runtime: 82min

The Power to Help

The power to help begins by strengthening our connection to ourselves and every living thing. This class reminds us of our capacity to see and live in the world with the elevated consciousness realized by doing kundalini yoga. Staying grounded with the breath, seeing the world through the filter of our heart center and bringing our true grit and determination to the obstacles we face.

Runtime: 76min

Infinite Possibilities

Finding a discipline from which to gather the life force and elevate ourselves is the key to exploring the endless expressions of consciousness. Without discipline, without boundaries, we can get lost or fall into someone else’s reality. Identifying what captures your heart and dedicating yourselves to the service of others brings life into focus. We become stronger and more resilient by connecting with the endless energy of love and compassion and our own life force.

Runtime: 87min

The Technology of Yoga

This is an energizing class from Kundalini Live focused on the bandhas, or body locks. These locks direct the prana and apana, the generative and eliminating energies. With continuing, deepening practice of the bandhas, the body systems are cleansed, restored, and refined through this circulation of kundalini energy.

Runtime: 67min

Step Into Your Grit with Nahil Kaur

Navigating our own sacred path requires grit and determination. Grit is defined as firmness of mind or spirit : unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger. When things get rough we need our deepest strength to bring us to a place of expansion instead of fear and collapse. Breath into difficulty. It's our job to find the infinity of truth within us.

Runtime: 99min

Becoming Metabolic - Kundalini with Jacki Brown

Jacki Brown help us process and release all the junk we're carrying around in this freeing and energizing 99 minute class. Metabolizing pain and false beliefs are just two of the benefits of practicing kundalini yoga. Being loving and compassionate starts with being loving and compassionate to ourselves. Knowing we are not our mind, and not our body is just step one. Realizing and acting on our limitless capacity to love and support each other is why we are here and also the pathway home.

Runtime: 90min

The Creative Spirit - Kundalini for Artistic Development

Living the artists life begins by living in the present, free from the limitations of the mind. Kundalini yoga is a path past ego and confusion that allows us to step into the creative light. Inspiration involves dedication to our inherent nature and the heart felt intention of being in service to one…

Runtime: 78min

Healing Ourselves with Kundalini

This class is about opening the heart and elevating the kundalini energy with movement and breath to heal ourselves. By focusing our elevated energy with healing intent , together with subtle movement and awareness we are able to reinvigorate ourselves at a cellular level and aid our own body's defenses.

Runtime: 82min

The Road to Self-Discovery

This meditation begins by envisioning the life force energy flowing straight down from the top of the head turning 90 degrees at your heart center and flowing straight out through your outstretched arms and cupped hands. The meditation ends by envisioning the energy as pooling in your cupped hands and slowly and lovingly placed into your heart center. Everything changes when we view the world through our heart center. When that selflessness within yourself manifests and when your frequency changes and turns passion into compassion. That is when life becomes graceful. That is when we are closest to our true nature.

Runtime: 76min

Correct Preparation for Cooking the Kundalini with Kirantana

A high energy core progression for cooking and awakening the kundalini energy. Through the kundalini practice of meditation, movement and mantra we are able to deliver ourselves to a place of unlimited possibilities. Ego is gone and love lights the way. As in every venture the only way to see the view is by doing the work. Enjoy this high vibration live broadcast class from life long teacher Kirantana.

Runtime: 63min

Kundalini Toolbox

Life itself encourages experimentation. Inquisitiveness is at our core. This class reminds us to seek out and surround ourselves with understanding, compassion and love. Being alive here on Earth is a gift and opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Kundalini yoga is not a religion, it is a highly refined tool box of techniques to use in our own personal exploration of being.

Runtime: 81min

Kundalini Yoga and the Healthy Body

Moving from the physical world to a world without limits is the journey we're on. Maintaining a healthy body is a simple joy and life long goal that supports conscious living.

Runtime: 67min

Sonic Healing

Yoga to break down barriers of the past. Ride the sound current to that place between the conscious and the unconscious. Mantra translation: Gobinday, one who sustains us, Mukhunday, one who liberates us, Udharay, one who uplifts us, Aparay, who is infinite, Hariung, who does everything, Kariung, for which grace everything is done, Nirnamay, nameless, desireless, Akamay, is by itself.

Runtime: 73min

Finding a Way to Live Gracefully Together

This basic series is all about bringing it back to the breath. Consciously breathe, inhaling Sat exhaling Nam. Center yourself in the breath. Be aware of every inhale and exhale. Control your mind. “Control your mind, change your life."

Runtime: 58min

The Definition of Kundalini

By raising our kundalini in the most definitive way, we are raising our personal vibration to stand firm in the hectic energy of daily life. Creating a calming, joyous place of beauty within we have a space we can step into to breathe and center ourselves when we get stressed out. This allows us the freedom to respond positively and productively to what life gives us rather than reacting based on the past programming of our bio-computers.

Runtime: 33min

Yoga to Open the Shoulders and Reduce Tension (30 Min Class)

Enjoy this high quality half hour yoga class to reduce tension in the shoulders and neck with Maria Johnson on Kundalini Live. Loosen tight shoulders with this spinal practice, learn about tensegrity, and experience cultivation of prime creator with these 30 min shoulders exercises. Become a Shakti Warrior!

Runtime: 60min

Amelia K. Chapman - "Integral Hatha with pranayam"

We will focus on the power of intention in movement and integrity within the asana and the self. We will begin with the breath and incorporate movement as meditation. We will then move into some accessible, but powerful asana and guided visualization, followed by music-assisted relaxation and gong meditation.

Runtime: 60min

Courage: Stand for your Dreams with Nihal Kaur

Accomplish agility through yoga relaxation. Practice yoga online with us, feel your yoga tension evaporate into an inner healthy core. Yoga shows us the link between joy and agitation through meditation on the niyamas.

Runtime: 65min

Kundalini Healing with Rinpoche. Connect with True Guru in our Online Yoga Class

These flow poses teaching kundalini create power and happiness within, which is natural. Kundalini live yoga workshops allow anyone anywhere to practice yoga, and to experience peace while sitting in yoga classes online.

Runtime: 65min

Supreme Consciousness - Yoga from the Center of the Earth

The spirit is available to all who have motivation to connect with infinite frequency. We have the ability to look within and ride the spiral of energy from the center of the earth. In discovering how to meditate, we open ourselves to deeper relaxation and creativity, which are the gateways to compassion. This class is perfectly designed as yoga for beginners, and also intermediate yoga.

Runtime: 84min

Experiencing the Radiant Body with Naomi Charanpal Kaur

Led by teacher Naomi Charanpal Kaur. Moving energy with determination and dedication allows us to experience the Radiant Body in its most effervescent form.

Runtime: 84min

The Awakening Dream

Activating the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Runtime: 78min

Philosophy of the Sphere / Long Ek Ong Kar Chant

The Sphere is the 8th chakra, your aura. The long Ek Ong Kar is a primary trigger for releasing Kundalini Shakti from the core into the aura.

Runtime: 76min

Oiling the Brain and Opening the Third Eye

Oiling of the brain happens automatically from the upward flow of the bandhas and the eyes looking at the nose. The upward flow of ojas (cerebrospinal fluids) super-lubricates the brain from the inside, opening unexplored cavities in the brain and allowing the Freedom of the Imagination.

Runtime: 77min

Yoga for Self Awareness

An advanced class with guest teacher Sat Santokh Singh. A wonderful opportunity to power up our body and mind to a higher vibration. And in this calm clarity be reminded of our role in shaping our self-identity and in our ability to change it.

Runtime: 58min

Cooking the Navel Chakra

"When negative energy from the heart is invoked and dislodged it must be sent down to the Navel Chakra. The nervous strength of the Navel Chakra must be increased to hold the discursive energies from the subconscious long enough to transform them into vitality. These kriyas create a place of focus that does not move in the midst of dynamic energies, automatically increasing willpower and concentration.

Runtime: 74min

Subconscious Bowing

The downward flow of new energy through the body grounds any negative forces. Grounding lowers mental frequencies to correspond with the slow magnetic pulse of the earth, bringing mind and body into balance with the earth itself. The emotional experience of absolute fearlessness and unconquerable power creates a space of peacefulness and timelessness.

Runtime: 64min

The Evolutionary Pathway (twin spiral) as a Conscious Activity of the Yogic Mind

God and me are one! The trinity of creation, sustainability and dissolution. Balance of right and left hemispheres of the brain creating a balance of quiet neutrality creating the harmonic balance of mind and body

Runtime: 73min

Gathering and Preserving Prana (Life Force)

As we focus the mind on the single intention of gathering energy and silencing the mind we allow ourselves the ability to transcend unconsciousness. Full of prana to sustain us we are able to go beyond the limitations of the mind and body. This is where real meditation starts.

We can sit and chant for hours, but unless we have the strength and willpower to maintain the conscious state of being we all slip back into the dream state. Keep Up.

Runtime: 58min

The Ocean of Consensus Reality

Following the breath, sealing off lower triangle, using the mind to free itself. (programming default modes in your bio-computer to infinite horizons. The tools to watch your mind from the perspective of pure awareness. Balance and Joy!

Runtime: 67min

Awakening within the Dream of Life

Exploring the pathways of energy (consciousness), keeping the intent (love) as the prime directive on this journey. Visualizing the kundalini elevator and opening the chakras (portals) of inter-dimensional awareness! The thousand petal lotus!

Runtime: 57min

Discerning Intellect of the Yogic Form

Alignment of the magnetic field and self interpretation of the symptoms of discomfort, redirecting the flow of prana (life force) with Mulbandh, and sealing the lower triangle (locking the first three centers).