Cooking the Navel Chakra

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Class Exercises

Breath of Fire
Leg Lifts
Seed Pose
Corpse Pose
Front Bends
Chair Pose

About this Class:

When negative energy from the heart is invoked and dislodged it must be sent down to the Navel Chakra. The nervous strength of the Navel Chakra must be increased to hold the discursive energies from the subconscious long enough to transform them into vitality. These kriyas create a place of focus that does not move in the midst of dynamic energies, automatically increasing willpower and concentration.

This is very important, even when your mind wanders, bring your attention back to the third chakra. Bring your back straight, choose to bring in fresh new energy back into the body. Don't sit rigid, relax your shoulders, relax your jaw, be feeling that you are sitting within this big sphere of energy, and yet focus, keep it centered in the belly, don't let it go spinning off into space.

Dragon breath, breath of fire is vigorous, creating heat. You are using your willpower, and it's very much connected to the idea that whatever you put into this class, you get out of it...Concentrate, breathe powerfully. Keep the energy inside the sphere. Don't let the mind wander, try to keep the mind concentrated through the entire class. It's almost impossible to do but the effort is what you need to capture the kundalini with, the prana. Real powerful, concentrate, breathe powerfully.

This is where you are telling the subconscious mind to keep all the energies down in the belly. Inhale more, stay concentrated in your sphere. Relax




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