Creating a Personality That’s Disposable

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Class Exercises

Spine Flex from Easy Pose
Life Nerve Stretch
Corpse Pose
90° Leg Lifts
Corpse Pose
Pelvic Lifts
Corpse Pose
Easy Pose
Arms stretched parallel palms out with Breath of Fire
Easy Pose
Heart Center Opener with Breath of Fire
Prayer Pose
Life Nerve Stretch
Triangle Pose
Spine Flex from Rock Pose
Rockc Pose
From Rock Pose Heart Center Opener with Breath of Fire
Guru Pranam

About this Class:

The human form becomes a representation of your consciousness and your consciousness is an explorer on that infinite horizon of possibility. Your life becomes that dance of consciousness that’s a sacrifice to that stage of consciousness of the infinite universe. How beautiful and outrageous is this. Your life becomes a celebration of that consciousness, and your only thought is how can I serve that consciousness, how can I merge more into that lite. Your ego becomes huge but almost transparent because it merges off into that infinite self and it becomes the lite itself.




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