Finding a Way to Live Gracefully Together

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Class Exercises

Breath of Fire
Leg Lifts
Shoulder Stand
Plow Pose
Corpse Pose
Triangle Pose
Cobra Pose
Rock Pose
Spine Flex
Guru Pranam

About this Class:

The secret is control of the breath. Control the breath we control the heart rate, control the metabolism, control the most important part, the mind itself. The intent of consciousness has to be programmed into our personality. We must create a personality that interfaces both conscious and subconscious. We must be the same person in our dreams as our waking state. These kundalini exercises help train our ability to take a deep breath and center ourslves when we are dealing with the most stress. Then we're able to have the self awareness to stop ourselves and in the midst of all this life and dream and make that connection with the infinite horizon within. By focusing on the breath we are able concentrate on a single action, by concentrating on a single action we are able to focus on a single result. That single result allows us to move forward to the next action. This is the inner journey that everyone takes. When you make that journey, everyone you meet is your teacher. Every sound is the universe talking to you.This way of living is a path of truth.




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