Keeping Your Intent of Consciousness Intact

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Class Exercises

Life Nerve Stretch
60° Leg Lift with Breath of Fire
Corpse Pose
Stretch Pose with Breath of Fire
Corpse Pose
Arms stretched parallel palms out with Breath of Fire
Spine Flex from Rock Pose
Baby Pose
Heart Center Opener with Breath of Fire
Guru Pranam
Washing Machine
from Easy Pose Spine Flex
from Easy Pose Gyan Mudra with Breath of Fire

About this Class:

You train your ego, your self-awareness, to be of service to the higher intent of consciousness. You’re walking in your own mind, and that mind when you expand out to the higher centers becomes God itself. This requires that you have a very malleable ego, because your ego as it stands, to get you to that rarefied space cannot live in that rarefied space. It’s like wearing muddy work boots into the church, you need to leave them outside. Your ego holds the intent in this physical form, but don’t be over attached to it and don’t confuse your ego with who you really are.




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