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We Are:

Rhett and Judy Smith, owner operators of Wave Street Inc, DBA Wave Street Wellness and DBA Wave Street Studios at 774 Wave Street in Monterey, California.

Wave Street Wellness is a workshop and retreat location specifically designed to host retreats, workshops, classes and teachings for up to 25 people that also welcome and include an unlimited number of online students. Online students are able to join classes live and/or on-demand anytime. Online students are immersed with full length studio quality audio and a multi-camera live edited HD video wherever they are.

Our three camera five person live broadcast crew specializes in delivering the complete experience of coming to class and doing yoga together. Focused direction and In-the -moment fluid motion photography provide the viewer with the richest, most accurate, informative and engaging experience possible.

Kundalini Live is one of a series of high quality globally accessible wellness practices created and produced by Rhett and Judy Smith and Wave Street, Inc. with the support and technical support and direction of Louis Castellani and the Wave Street Studios broadcast team.

Kundalini Live is name of Wave Street Wellness’s filmed kundalini yoga practice broadcast and recorded live Wednesdays at 7pm PST

Live streamed kundalini classes at Wave Street Wellness have been graciously taught by Sukhmandir Singh, Naomi Charanpal Kaur, Nihal Kaur and an expanding list of dedicated and experienced teachers who live, love and teach a kundalini lifestyle.