We Are

Posted by kyoga on November 15, 2012

We Are

Kundalini Live is the first original series created and produced at Wave Street Studios on the Monterey Peninsula. The program was created by Sukhmandir Singh with the support of Studio founders:Rhett and Judy Smith and Program Partner:Jeff Sax.

Kundalini yoga is not a religion; it is practiced and enjoyed worldwide by people of different faiths. Sukhmandir Singh teaches and practices Kundalini Yoga. His being of the Sikh faith is just a bonus to teach turban tolerance.

Our Promise

Kundalini Live will play a positive role in elevating individual consciousness and expanding the collective consciousness.

These classes will leave you stronger and better prepared to make decisions, fight infection and be naturally drawn towards a higher life frequency.

Each class builds upon the last to raise our vibration with love, honor and respect.

What to Expect in Class

Each class contains distinct and easy to follow directions that work on tuning in our mind-body-spirit connections. Exercises are simple, explained in plain English and are demonstrated by our teacher and classmates. Classes are both beginner and expert friendly. Some of our students are themselves yoga instructors, others are first time students. Go at your own pace. Do what works for you. To reach a state where we See Each Other as a Reflection of Our Own Inner Light.

Whatever your situation, spending an hour doing any of these classes will leave you stronger and better prepared, to make decisions, to fight infection and to be naturally drawn towards a higher life frequency. Because this is a continuing practice with a new class offered each week, Kundalini Live is really a life support system that energetically defends us from the exact energy challenges we face living on earth right now.