Protection of Your Magnetic Field

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Class Exercises

Life Nerve Stretch
Life Nerve Stretch Right with Breath of Fire
Life Nerve Stretch Left with Breath of Fire
Corpse Pose
60° Leg Lift with Breath of Fire
Corpse Pose
90° Leg Lifts
Corpse Pose
Pelvic Lifts
Corpse Pose
Right Hand on Navel Left Hand on Lower Back out with Breath of Fire
Easy Pose Gyan Mudra with visualization
Frog Pose
Triangle Pose
Guru Pranam
Spine Flex from Rock Pose
Baby Pose
Arms stretched 15° palms up with Breath of Fire
Guru Pranam

About this Class:

It’s very easy to get high in yoga, but the goal is to become very balanced. This class is for the protection of your health and well-being on both physical and psychic levels. Living the path of a householder is tough. There are always weaknesses in your magnetic field which are exploited. But as a yogi you have to become conscious of them and you have to learn to seal off the weak points. You have to compensate for the points which you are weak in.




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