Supreme Consciousness - Yoga from the Center of the Earth

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Class Exercises

Easy Pose
Spine Flex
Forward Lunge
Triangle Pose
Cobra Pose
Yoga Mudra

About this Class:

The practitioner intends to place him/herself in alignment with the flow of Supreme Consciousness, also known as power or perfect balance. In the four sides of the spiritual sky there is four different transcendental abodes occupied by the Truth which equals love. All of us can be in communion with God or the Ultimate Truth. This spirit is available to those who have motivation to connect with the infinite frequency. We have the ability to look within and ride the spiral of energy from the center of the earth. In discovering how to meditate, we open ourselves to deeper relaxation and creativity, which are the gateways to compassion.

Use your mind and body for the purification of both cold and hot sides of the personality. We use yoga as a way of undertaking commitments to ourselves toward more enlightening practices. This class uses balance postures and help elevate the body's intuition and mind strength. Mind relaxation and meditation are keys to the daily experience of ever-new joy. These purification "asanas" help clear stuck energy and they derive positive results out of burning up our "negative" patterns. Join us for this calming breathing meditation.




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