The Awakening Dream

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Class Exercises

Spine Flex
Cobra Pose
Breath of Fire
Rock Pose
Celibate Pose
Leg Lifts
Corpse Pose
Front Platform Pose
Easy Pose
Life Nerve Stretch
Guru Pranam
Sat Kriya

About this Class:

We must cultivate a strong self-worth, an ego that is able to merge with the infinite. We have to be humble and live a life of service to the other aspects of our Self. Let yourself evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Find the link between conscious and sunconscious, between wake and sleep, and cross over into awakened dream. This is where meditation begins. Where we transcend basic survival and go straight to sublime reality.

Empowered wellness is possible in this yoga sequence as we manifest our intention to cool-down the blood and a raise a flow of oxygen into our brains. Mindfully practice this dynamic relaxation and develop flexibility and awaken your meridians.

As you practice, Kundalini will eventually rise, giving relief and providing rejuvination. Mind-opening techniques of yoga can help lengthen our muscles, to find a balance from de-stabilizing intense emotions. Relax by breathing steadily and cultivate inner love and nurturing. Find your innate wisdom body through this kundalini yoga routine. We begin with a centering meditation of integrating wisdom, followed by physical kundalini yoga. Offer awareness to the things that need healing. This high practice brings rejuvenation to our knees and lower back. Live out your pure potential as a yoga warrior!




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