The Ocean of Consensus Reality

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Class Exercises

Cat-Cow Variation
Guru Pranam
Rock Pose
Spine Flex
Triangle Pose
Child's Pose
Easy Pose
Breath of Fire
Corpse Pose
Leg Lifts
Ego Eradicator

About this Class:

Long and deep breathing. Don’t be distracted by your mind. Go within now and feel that light. Feel yourself before you were actually born. Feel that state of consciousness that you had before you actually emerged into this body. As the Zen master would say, “See your face before you were born.” What was that face? Meditate deeply on that. What is that essence of you that is and animates this body? What is that essence of you that transcend life and death? What is that continuity of consciousness that crosses over dream to wake, sleep to awakened consciousness? What is that thread that let’s you travel between those two points? How do we make that transition? We do it every time we go to sleep, but how do we do it consciously? How do we walk in our dreams consciously, and why shouldn’t we? How do we traverse between life and death? Why shouldn’t we? Why shouldn’t we consciously? It’s about frequency of vibration. If you exist in the first three centers you become trapped, and your conscious cannot make that transition between wake and sleep, between life and death. If you elevate your heart center you become light enough, free enough, that the transition between the truth of who you are and your consciousness is made.

This is balancing the lower spine, the first three centers. Just by doing these simple exercises you change everything in your life. Your life becomes perfect. It’s that simple, but you have to do it.

The transition between life and death. We should have that power as the transition between sleep and wake. It requires that you balance your energy. It requires that you seal off your lower centers. It requires that you don’t leak out. It requires that your intent of consciousness is to become awake, not more asleep. To make your intent, and always define your intent to yourself, is very yogic and very helpful. Make a declaration to yourself of your intent in life. If your intent is to become awake, if your intent is to become conscious of that passageway between wake and sleep, between life and death, this is the path of kundalini yoga.

We all make that transition. We just don’t make it consciously. By sealing off the lower centers, taking that same energy and sitting yourself in the center of that swirling energy totally relaxed, totally at peace. Feeling those currents of energy creating a vacuum that actually floats you upwards in the center. As your sitting in the swirling of energy, the filaments are lit up. You become merged in the light of the universe. That light of the universe is the same as your light. The two lights merge into each other, the prana and the apana. It happens at the heart.

You have to stretch your spine. Find a rhythm. Inhaling Wah, Exhaling Guru. Wah means infinity. Guru means dispeller of darkness, the enlightener. Not a person, although it can be many persons. If you’re a Christian, it’ll be Jesus. It doesn’t really matter. The idea is that your enlightener is the one that takes the darkness away. Whoever that is for you, whatever that is for you, is the guru.

Following the breath, sealing off lower triangle, using the mind to free itself. (programming default modes in your bio-computer to infinite horizons. The tools to watch your mind from the perspective of pure awareness. Balance and Joy!




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