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The Soul’s Vision

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Class Exercises

Spine Flex from Easy Pose
Open Shoulder Motion
Forward Lunge Right with Breath of Fire
Guru Pranam
Forward Lunge Left with Breath of Fire
Guru Pranam
Triangle Pose
Standing Pose
Ego Eradicator from Standing Pose with Breath of Fire
Triangle Pose
Lay Flat on Belly palms up
Cobra Pose with Breath of Fire
while on knees spread Blossom to open heart center
from Baby pose hands locked behind back raised

About this Class:

By utilizing the breath, and meditating on Har, you can help soothe the body. Yoga gives us an experience of awakening the energy centers and energy channels.

The creative aspect of reality is a golden seed which is the fundamental origin of creation on our plane, where we receive Guidance of the Soul from the heart into the upper chakras: third eye chakra and crown chakra.

This class invites us to experience graceful yoga, through a practice of gratitude. The class supports and protects us by connecting practitioners to an expression of our full potential as radiant humans. As we go through our practice, you may notices that it helps with focus and flow.

Overcome obstacles through self-expression, knowing that this soothing asana can provide a touch of peace for the soul.




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