Life Long Secrets of the Basics with Kirantana MS

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Class Exercises

Breath of Fire
Spine Flex
Leg Lifts
Corpse Pose
Sat Kriya

About this Class:

To practice yoga properly one must first eliminate ideas about the separation of spirit and body. Yoga has to be done from a place of unity with the Cosmos. This class is to introduce students to the “Philosophy of the Sphere” (the energetic bubble which we use to separate our energy from those around us). This is the beginning of Kundalini. Containment of energy creates pressure, pressure creates heat, heat turns to light. Compressed even more by internal concentration the radiated energy has nowhere else to go and begins to seep out through the pores thus creating the “Aura”.

Learn respect for Sat Nam and you will be on the path of yamas. Kirantana MS in this class uses abdominal poses to activate the kidney meridian to reduce aching muscles and activate energy. Awaken energies through an extended gong where we focus on developing clear attention and becoming centered.

Detoxification can occur as we create heat in our chakras and use meditation and affirmations, reducing agitation and generating body tone and strength. Those who have resolve to create wellness in their own lives are willing to invest in their personal strength through yoga and mediation. Practice yoga daily to achieve vibrancy, using the science of opening the mind in guided meditation. Shift tension and allow yourself to experience the effects of the calm and sensible yogi's mind. Fully engage with your yoga practice and harness your life's purpose!




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