“Wow just took one of your LIVE CLASSES in the library. The Basic's Of Yoga so glad I signed up for a membership..that was the most awesome class EVER! Seriously so thankful for this platform. Sat Nam."

- Dana Tosta

“Blessings of the Guru's to you-beautiful and inspiring-Sat Nam!”

- Sangeeta Kaur Khalsa

“This is amazing : )”

- Brittney Herrera

“Awesome! Beautiful! Love the "Long Time Sun" with acoustic guitar, so good!!! :)”

- Dharam Deep

“Beautiful! Thank you. Sat Nam :)”

- Kundisal

“Wonderful class!! I have been looking for a great evening class to do at home that would meet my expectations to my teacher, Guru Jagat at Ra Ma Yoga Institute in Venice. This is perfect. Blessings and thanks. Sat nam.”

- Jill Annarino Farfan

“Thankyou for sharing this. Has changedthe outlook on my day.”

- jenjen23ful

“What a gift! I miss going to this energizing retreat and appreciate having the lessons and joy available online. with grace and gratitude”

- Silver Goose

“Great video. I wish I was there to practice with the others.”

- James Reyes

“I truly appreciate the Kundalini community, and this opportunity to share Stick Yoga from the heart. Dr. Arthur”

- Arthur Faygenholtz

“Thank you for sharing this. thank you.”

- Philippe P


- Alexander Herrera

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for putting these online! Great classes! Sat Nam!”

- Richard Sandilands

“Thank you so so much for the videos! Love”

- Aliz Vanilia

“Sat Nam from Tennessee! Thanks so much for these videos. I was laying there during the gong trying to focus on my breath but I kept on thinking about "am I going to fall asleep" and the next thing I know I hear Snatam Kaur's lovely voice singing…”

- Sarah Johnson

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