Next Weeks Class

Runtime: 61min

Activating the Kundalini

To be on a spiritual path means to be healthy, to be on a spiritual path means to be sane, and to be sane you have to be conscious of your lower centers in relationship to your intent of consciousness. Your intent is to become merged in the infinite, your intent is to open your hearts and to share that love and consciousness with each other. So to be sane is to be aware of all the different centers in the body, and yet to bring yourself back to your heart, to bring yourself back to the love of consciousness itself.


Bonus Material

Runtime: 2min

It's all okay. The spirit is available to all who have motivation to connect with infinite frequency. We have the ability to look within and ride the spiral of energy from the center of the earth.

Current Class

Runtime: 67min

The Ever Present Now in Consciousness

You have to make your body a temple for the light to come into it. Your personality, your ego is a sub-program working off an infinite program. Most of us forget that, and we get caught in our little sub-programs, our egos. Egos are necessary, you have to have a self-awareness, you have to have a self-discipline, and you have a life to live. But keep in mind that not only does this life end as a physical manifestation, but these egos these self-aware nesses end. What is left is the essence of who you are. The part of you that exists, beyond this little self-program that you’ve created thru this life, is the essence of who you are that carries across life, carries across conscious and sub-conscious, that’s always there.

Focus on Form

Five Minute Dragon Breath
Spine Flex
Frog Pose
Cobra Pose

Our bodies are precision machines that benefit from proper use. Be gentle with yourself, listen to your body and do what you can. These are a set of our main physical exercises. Kundalini is an exploration of the connection between body and self.

Featured Guests

Runtime: 2min

Yoga for Self Awareness

An advanced class with guest teacher Sat Santokh Singh. A wonderful opportunity to power up our body and mind to a higher vibration. And in this calm clarity be reminded of our role in shaping our self-identity and in our ability to change it.


Free Kundalini Yoga Class (70 min)