Yoga to Open the Shoulders and Reduce Tension (30 Min Class)

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Class Exercises

Shoulder Opening
Release Tension
Standing Position
Engage Torso
Lift Toes
Neck Release
Arm Rotation
Rooted and Grounded
Yoga March
Knee Lift

About this Class:

Enjoy this high quality half hour yoga class to reduce tension in the shoulders and neck with Maria Johnson on Kundalini Live. Loosen tight shoulders with this spinal practice, learn about tensegrity, and experience cultivation of prime creator with these 30 min into-to-yoga shoulders exercises. Become a Shakti Warrior! Draw Attention to the shoulders to release tension. Externally rotate the shoulders back and allow them to come cascading to the earth. Let the shoulders do the work, externally rotate them back and down. Feel how they rise up as we breath, feel the tension cascading down toward the earth. Drawing with each rotation, drawing the shoulders down to the earth like coat sleeves.

Spirituality is the exploration of how we can use our own strength to stabilize our torso for balancing our entire lives. As we stay rooted and grounded, the head can fall back. Here we are teaching ourselves to use the breath again, allowing to create trust in our own bodies opportunity for growth. Let the muscles work and allow everything to relax as a result. Slow breathing in this class uses our posture of opening the knees. This is more of a Hatha style class where we deeply inhale and stimulate the energy channels in the sinuses and the sinus cavity, and simultaneously activate our bodies to put our minds in a place of compassion. Empowered wellness is possible when we practice this yoga sequence to manifest the intention to heal ourselves. Cool-down tension and inflammation by actually using your abs. Anatomical yoga uses breathing and releases as we use the strap for the shoulder rotations to be mindful. Vinyasa is a kind of dynamic relaxation, creating both body and mind flexibility.

Go as far as what is comfortable today, inhale and exhale, moving with the opening of our bodies. Improve your resistance to pain and your resilience as we enhance our life passion with observance through the movement of this Guided Meditation. Props are used to help our shoulders achieve inner rotation and have appropriate levels of pranayam. Graceful outreach into life is equivalent to the embracing of trying different ways to get something we've never had, and that means sometimes doing it differently.




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