Experiencing the Radiant Body with Naomi Charanpal Kaur

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Class Exercises

Sufi Grind
Cat and Cow
Triangle Pose
Front Bend
Archer Pose
Breath of Fire
Frog Pose
Easy Pose
Leg Lifts
Life Nerve Stretch
Child Pose
Neck Rolls

About this Class:

Naomi leads us through a series of exercises that guide us to releasing the Radiant body on a Ray of Hope.
Step 1: "The Keep Up Spirit"

(1) Archer Pose increases one's radiance, aligns our will with our destiny, promotes a grounded, inner strength.

(2) Pranayam for the Parasympathetic Nervous System creates balance, calm nerves, and the strength to handle challenging situations.

(3) Kriya for the "Keep Up Spirit" is designed to increase radiance. When our radiant body is nurtured, we have an indomitable strength of spirit, despite any setbacks, obstacles or challenges. Our skin glows, our eyes sparkle, and our projection is effective and directed. This kriya also stretches the sciatic nerve, enhances the aura, and increases flexibility.

This class can help with pain and create spaciousness and awareness within the body. Learn the art of dhristi and experience the body rebounding to a new level of activity and understanding philosophy.

Yoga gives us time to be introspective and live authentically. Experience the sweet radiance and disarm stress. Coordination is developed as our teacher invites you to be your inner educator. Generate inner connection as Naomi takes us through the flow of storytelling yoga.

This yoga class gives us the right poses for opening the heart chambers. Increase your joy and elevate your prana through spinal practice and breath. Disable your ego with inner yoga and accept the flow of emotions. Ignite your Shakti Warrior! Become more connective and gentle. Achieve alignment and energize the core (known as Hara). Explore healthy relaxation and develop spiritually by balancing action with inner progress.




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