We're here to shift consciousness through video

It has been said that no serious yoga student would ever do digital yoga. Kundalini Live is here to change all that.

Kundalini Live is the result of a conscious effort by some dedicated people to try to capture the complete experience of actually being in this exceptional class, and deliver this experience and its benefits to a world wide audience.

In the Moment Production

Our crew films and broadcasts these classes live world wide (live television).

Live is important to honestly capture, preserves and deliver the real time yogic energy being created .We don't time shift, what you see happened in real time.

The immediacy and continuity of this type of production requires both total focus and un-stifled creativity from the first second to the last.

Click to watch a Full-length HD yoga class or 5 min Focus on Form.

Filmed at Wave Street Studios, Monterey, CA/

Holistic broadcast center for spiritual media.

Contact rhett@wavestreetstudios.com for studio inquiries.