Posted by kyoga on January 25, 2013

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To Be a Real Human Being

Identifying the pathways within your (mind, body) to overcome fatigue, depression and lack of motivation. The activation and setting of the chakras, gathering the prana and energizing this human archetype.


Discerning Intellect of the Yogic Form

Alignment of the magnetic field and self interpretation of the symptoms of discomfort, sealing off the l----- of prana (life force) Mulbandh (locking the first three centers) Sealing the lower triangle.


Gathering and Preserving Prana (life force)

The focus of strength of intent (will) and stated purpose of quieting the thought waves of the mind. Begin the journey from waking consciousness to awakened disami----. The beginning of the meditative mind.


Evolutionary Pathway (twin spiral) of the Yogic Mind

God and me are one! The trinity of creation, sustainability and dissolution. Balance of right and left hemispheres of the brain creating a balance of quiet neutrality creating the harmonic balance of mind and body.