Sukhmandir Singh

Posted by kyoga on November 19, 2012


Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa first became involved with Kundalini Yoga at the age of 21 when he met Yogi Bhajan an unorthodox Sikh teacher of Kundalini Yoga. Sukhmandir Singh studied with Yogi Bhajan and became interested both in Kundalini Yoga and in Sikhism. He began teaching Kundalini Yoga in 1970. He has been an Amritdhari Sikh since his initiation into the Sikh faith in 1975. Sukhmandir Singh is married for over 30 years with two daughters, two sons, and two granddaughters. He resides with his wife of and youngest son in North Monterey County Ca.

  • Studied Kundalini Yoga personally with Yogi Bhajan USA 1969 - 1994.
  • Student of Kundalini Yoga class with Yogi Bhajan at Melrose center, Hollywood Ca 1969.
  • Studied with Swami Mukhtananda, Swami Satchitananda, Samuel Lewis L. (Sufi Sam) 1970-73.
  • Teacher of Kundalini Yoga at, and founding member of, Hargobind Sadan Ashram in San Rafael Ca. 1970.
  • Taught Kundalini Yoga at U.C. Berkley and San Francisco Yoga Center 1970-1973.
  • Founding member of and teacher at Kundalini Research Institute, Pomona Ca.1972-1973.
  • Taught accredited Kundalini Yoga classes at Orange Coast College, Golden West College, Cal State Fullerton. 1972-1975.
  • Taught Kundalini yoga at U.C. Irvine 1972-1975.
  • Taught Kundalini yoga at Pruess Rd. Ashram, Los Angeles 1973- 1977.
  • Taught Kundalini yoga in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties 1978-present.

Personal Story

I was in Yosemite in 1969. I was brought there by a Laguna Beach mystic brotherhood and in meditation I experienced my crown chakra open. It was a real experience.

I got to sit on top of the golden gate bridge at sunrise. I got to dissolve into the unified field of light. And I can tell you it actually exists. The culmination of the crown chakra.

After that I went to New Mexico and a group of us became students and committed yoga practitioners with Yogi Bhadjan. I told them, "Show me Kundalini yoga exercises." That was in 1969. And I've been practicing everyday since.

Sukhmandir in his Own Words

As a Teacher
My only role is to be a moderator of sorts. To be there to keep things relatively straight and to let people manifest. The other part is to teach what I’ve learned in my long life. I only teach the things and practices that actually work. No one has a franchise on the truth.

Why Do Kundalini?
The short answer: strengthen your magnetic field. We’ve depleted our magnetic field. It makes us much more vulnerable to illness, disease, and not-so-nice spirit energies. We have traumatic experiences and our life-force gets blocked or diverted to lower centers. Our pure inner light becomes an obsession or a leak gushing out. Seal off your leaks. It’s all the same energy. All the same light. You choose how it manifests. This practice teaches you how to move that energy.

Benefits of Kundalini
Improves your physical responses, your emotional responses, and your psychological beliefs. Achieve balance. Balance is healthy, holy. It helps you experience the culmination of what you want to do in life. It’s about not limiting yourself, about opening to knowledge that you are free.

Our Class
We are using yoga to open up the potential of every human being. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. We’re all sharing this beautiful consciousness. This will benefit anyone who is seeking to express their inner light. This has nothing to do with religion, belief, or paradigm. It only has to do with that connection with the inner light. Come to the place where the inner light is manifest. Our community is a global gathering of like-minded people that are able to support the vibration of higher consciousness, higher spiritual strength. Life-support.

Our Practice
When you come down to the level of vibratory frequency, what we apply to ourselves is what works for ourselves. Doing this practice raises your vibration. The results are immediately apparent. And anything in your life that doesn’t harmonize has to go. Lift your vibration and get on with your day. Let’s get on with it.