The Evolutionary Pathway (twin spiral) as a Conscious Activity of the Yogic Mind

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Class Exercises

Life Nerve Stretch
Easy Pose
Reverse Corpse Pose
Cobra Pose
Breath of Fire
Rock Pose
Spine Flex
Triangle Pose
Guru Pranam
Sat Kriya
Heart Center Opener
Leg Lifts

About this Class:

G.O.D. Generate, Organize, Destroy. The three aspects within all creation in an infinite cycle of existence. As we create balance within our selves we take the witness perspective, the middle way. From this neutral stance we can watch the dramas of life without attachment, enjoying all the beauty and wonder of experiencing what the universe has to offer.

Chi and Maya are deeply related, we believe that the introduction of Flow Psychology into your core is one of the practices that become mare available through these classes on kundalini. Kundalini is an energy that allows us to learn. In this class, detox your meditation and have a good pace forward through your yin Intuition. Yoga and Bandha strengthen us from the inside for corrections of our stored stress and pain. Bhajan helps us prepare our physical and focused bodies for learning through videos. Love is like padma awakening, and when discovered online, yoga becomes yoga, and we are experiencing our movement and expansion grow to harness the yoga of the world. Dance and meditation are offered periodically, as we grow our senses so that we dissolve the samskaras with yoga.

Power comes as a result of developing breath through meditation, yoga, watching meditation videos, and using these holistic practices everyday. Sweat your heart out in our breath classes cultivating power and concentration. Anyone free from maya believes that flow yoga and yin practice provide expansion. Be strong in class, focus your senses and dance with the kundalini. Your purpose in doing yoga is to recieve energy from the yin, and gradually increase pace until you’ve achieved a focused yoga practice. The style of the class is Integral Hatha with pranayam, meditation, low impact vinyasa flow focused on strength, integrity and intention. Sukh called it Kundalini/Hatha fusion Online yoga promotes sleeping well. Meditation and Yoga work our core and prepare us to learn yoga. Love your samskaras, and utilize bandha with inner spiral movement to massage the muscles and achieve corrections through yoga.




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