Discerning Intellect of the Yogic Form

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Class Exercises

Life Nerve Stretch
Frog Pose
Triangle Pose
Child's Pose
Rock Pose
Spine Flex
Sat Kriya
Corpse Pose
Legs 60
Breath of Fire
Legs 90
Pelvic Lifts
Easy Pose
Spinal Twist
Ego Eradicator

About this Class:

We strengthen the body with yoga. We strengthen the breathing with pranayam, the breath. By strengthening the body, strengthening the nervous system it allows the energy to manifest itself. When the kundalini does happen to you, when the energy, the primal force of life, manifests itself in this body the yoga becomes natural. The body automatically does these postures. The breathing becomes natural. It’s a way that programmed chemically into your DNA. Nobody ever gets that and when it does happen, if you’re not prepared, if your body is not strong, if your nervous system is weak it freaks you out. It causes problems, because you’ve been too lax.

So we train ourselves in yoga to be strong, to be radiant, to control the energy, to be awake enough so when that blessing of kundalini does happen that this body and this mind, that you have made up over these years, is strong enough to handle it. You have a matrix of consciousness to handle the experience, because all the sudden you’re going to be confronting infinity. You’re gonna be seeing the light of the universe in front of you. You’re gonna be meeting with Jesus, Mohammed, whoever your guru is. You’re gonna be meeting that form of consciousness. You have to have a stable mind to deal with that, ‘cause what are you going to say? “Hi, how are you?”

The idea is to create a worthiness in yourself, and you are all worthy of that, because you are the same light. There’s no difference in the light that makes up any of us. You have to create that worthiness in your mind so when you have that experience the position of your consciousness merges easy, seamlessly into that infinite consciousness. Otherwise it’s too much for you. Otherwise you’ve forgotten to bring your clothes to the dance. So we train ourselves to be worthy beings of our own light.

Sit in easy pose. Let your breath be relaxed. Now take an inventory of your body. See what is painful. See what is not straight. Try to straighten that out. Try to relax your body. Go inside. Feel any tension. Relax it. Everything is straight and perfect. Go within now. Feel the energy swirling around you. Visual these currents of energy swirling. Feel this double helix of swirling energy, and you’re sitting in it. This is the evolutionary pathway. We’ve added to this helix. We’ve added chromosomes. Through the countless incarnations we built this human form. It’s not an accident. We’ve taken the time to build this human form. We’ve taken the time, chromosome by chromosome to add to the double helix to create this form. Now is the time to use this form, not to fall asleep.

Give yourself a twist right and left. Feel comfortable in this body. Feel comfortable and joyful. In your mind place yourself on infinite horizon, nothing supporting you below. This earth is immaterial, it doesn’t exist. Nothing on either side, nothing above you but the infinite sky. Be sitting in that level of consciousness where you’re floating in your own self. Make the connection with this archetype form that you’ve created over all these incarnations. Feel that same swirling energy of that double helix that you’re following for millions of lifetimes. Sit in the center of that energy with your consciousness. This is the way back home. In the center of that swirling energy of the lights that are spinning around you, the filaments that are being enlightened with your own life, your prana. Sit in the center of that tunnel of consciousness. Look upwards through the top of your head and feel the cathedral of consciousness opening, all the filaments glowing. Through the top of this cathedral of your own self divine light comes pouring down.

Gravity naturally wants to pull the energy down and keep it in our three lower centers, security, sensation, and power. Breath of Fire acts as the bellows stoking the fire within our core, gathering the life force. Learning to use the bandhas (locks) we can stop the flow of prana and allow the heat we’ve built to rise into our heart and higher centers of consciousness. Once there we can notice where we feel pain, or discomfort, and provide it with the energy needed to overcome even the hardest of obstacles.




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