The Ever Present Now in Consciousness

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Class Exercises

Spine Flex from Easy Pose
Life Nerve Stretch
90° Leg Lifts
Corpse Pose
Shoulder Stand
Plow Pose
Corpse Pose
Bear Grip from Easy Pose with Breath of Fire
Easy Pose Gyan Mudra
Triangle Pose
Spine Flex from Rock Pose
Baby Pose
From Knees Heart Center Opener with Breath of Fire
Guru Pranam
From Easy Pose Arms 60° palms out with Breath of Fire
Prayer Pose

About this Class:

You have to make your body a temple for the light to come into it. Your personality, your ego is a sub-program working off an infinite program. Most of us forget that, and we get caught in our little sub-programs, our egos. Egos are necessary, you have to have a self-awareness, you have to have a self-discipline, and you have a life to live. But keep in mind that not only does this life end as a physical manifestation, but these egos these self-aware nesses end. What is left is the essence of who you are. The part of you that exists, beyond this little self-program that you’ve created thru this life, is the essence of who you are that carries across life, carries across conscious and sub-conscious, that’s always there.




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