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Experience the effect of raising your own consciousness."

We are yoga for daily life.

Yoga happiness! Kundalini yoga relaxes the mind. Our yoga videos help practitioners explore their natural warrior to reduce pain and recover ancient power. Wellness and healing come from the breath as we connect to the flow of universal consciousness. Cultivate kundalini awakening through meditation and yoga practice in our online yoga videos. Wake each day to practice creating dynamic love energy and connection to balance the physical body and create peace. Kundalini yoga is the gateway to kundalini awakening. Our ongoing series of Kundalini Yoga classes is the premier way of studying this holistic technique through online video. Classes are hosted by life-long certified teachers. Kundalini yoga is not a religion: it is practiced and enjoyed worldwide. The Kundalini Live program is a unique opportunity for people everywhere to attend to receive this transformative yoga practice on-demand.  

Our Promise

Kundalini live will play a positive role in elevating your consciousness and expanding your awareness. These classes will make you stronger and better prepared to make decisions, fight infections, and be naturally drawn towards a higher life frequency. Each class builds upon the last to raise our vibration with love, honor, and respect.
Why Do Kundalini? Yoga improves your physical responses, your emotional responses, and your psychological beliefs. Achieve balance. Balance is healthy, holy. It helps you experience the culmination of what you want to do in life. It’s about opening to knowledge that you are free. Our Class We are using yoga to open up the potential of every human being. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. We’re all sharing this beautiful consciousness. This will benefit anyone who is seeking to express their inner light. This has nothing to do with religion, belief, or paradigm. It only has to do with that connection with the inner light. Come to the place where the inner light is manifest. Our community is a global gathering of like-minded people that are able to support the vibration of higher consciousness, higher spiritual strength.

Come to Class!

The class is available for drop-in students in Monterey, CA on Wednesday nights at 7pm. 774 Wave Street, Monterey, CA. Our Wednesday Night Live HD Broadcast is always available for free to online participants, and the class can be taken anytime via on-demand streaming.  

About the Premises

Filmed at Wave Street Studios, broadcast center for spiritual media. Our mission is to raise global consciousness. Please Call 831.655.2010 or Contact Us for production inquiries.

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