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Aura Expansion


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Placing our bodies into archetypical postures (asanas) causes the energy within our system to flow more efficiently. As we utilize the breath through pranayam we are able to control the chattering of the mind and reprogram it through the use of mantras and affirmations.

Once in a state of balance we can supercharge our bio-computers with prana and ride the force of creation to our fullest potential!

Yoga is not an intellectual exercise. Its a holistic experience for your body and mind. Inhale up, shoulders are back, chin is down, everything in line, pull the spine, lower centers sealed up. Vibrate upwards, change the frequency. You are coming from the heart. Compassion, selflessness. Exhale relax your breath, eyes are closed, spine is straight.

The Definition of Kundalini


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By raising our kundalini in the most definitive way, we are raising our personal vibration to stand firm in the hectic energy of daily life. Creating a calming, joyous place of beauty within we have a space we can step into to breathe and center ourselves when we get stressed out. This allows us the freedom to respond positively and productively to what life gives us rather than reacting based on the past programming of our bio-computers.

The path of yoga requires consistent yoga practice and regular attendance to class. Whether you practice at home or receive the medicine of this biomechanical workout at the studio, you must do to the yoga in order to see its benefits. Yoga is used for creating a dynamic ease in the spine. This class will get you rooted in minutes and have your heart flowing into your hips. Knowledge of yoga brings energy to destress your body. Kundalini is an energetic yoga practice, utilizing breath to calm the nervous elements.

In this class we study apana and prana, principles in an yogi's energitc environment for awakening conciousness. Yogi Bhajan tells us that the body is a conscious machine, a vessel to hold consciousness, and at the root a divine egoless presence. The mantra "Ek Ong Kar" cures depression and creates a force of light and love for all to master their mind.

Amelia K. Chapman - "Integral Hatha with pranayam"


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The class focuses on intention. We will focus on the power of intention in movement and integrity within the asana and the self. We will begin with the breath and incorporate movement as meditation. We will then move into some accessible, but powerful asana and guided visualization, followed by music-assisted relaxation and gong meditation.

The style of the class is Integral Hatha with pranayam, meditation, low impact vinyasa flow focused on strength, integrity and intention. Sukh called it Kundalini/Hatha fusion

Teachers Bio: "I would come back to the asana in times of stress, whenever I needed to still my mind, or I was hoping to foster change. I really began to deepen my practice during my Music Therapy Internship- I found that asana helped to melt away the business of the day and still my whirring mind. The ability to be present to whatever was happening within body and breath became a space of sanctuary; an ongoing reminder to slow down, breathe deeply, and continue on. As I continued to journey, my practice evolved from an experience to an integral part of my day to day.

Amelia is a graduate of Seaside Yoga Sanctuary's Integral Awakening Teacher Training program, earning her Certificate in 2013. Amelia explored meditation, guided relaxation and breath work as part of her Bachelors from Duquesne Univeristy. She has also attended a 10 day Vipassana Meditation course in 2012, and has deepened her yoga studies with Gabriel Benjamin, Melina Mezza, and Christina Sell, Sukhmandir Sing Khalsa, Justin Bench, and many others.

Amelia approaches teaching Asana with a strong sense of alignment and anatomy; she offers modifications, tips and adjustments with sensitivity to the student\'s individual strengths and areas of growth. Amelia\'s background in Music Therapy and work in clinical settings comes through in a hands-on, person-centered approach. In addition to work in the community, Amelia has taught yoga in clinical settings, including forensic and hospital. Her classes often feature breath work, meditation, guided relaxation, chant and mantra work, live music and a creative approach to asana. Amelia currently teaches with Seaside Yoga Sanctuary, offering Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, Partner Yoga, and a closed, 6 week Beginner Series.

Amelia studied Music Therapy at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2008 with a BS in Music Therapy and a minor in Psycholgoy, then went on to complete a six month internship at Saint Elizabeths hospital in Washington, DC. Amelia obtained the MT-BC credential in 2010, and has been continuing her education and professional development as a Music Therapist, ever since. Amelia co-facilitates a monthly community drum circle with Cathy Rivera, MS, MM, MT-BC in Seaside, CA at Seaside Yoga Sanctuary.

"As a Music Therapist, I work closely with individuals and their treatment teams to develop music-based interventions that align with the goals, desired outcomes, musical preferences, background, and experience of each person. I especially enjoy encouraging clients to explore expression through creation- whether it is through song writing, composition, improvisation, learning an instrument or musical play. Always, we focus on the process of music making- the lessons learned, benefits gained, conversations along the way and personal growth that come are part of that process."

Connect with True Guru and Kundalini Healing with Khenpo Karten Rinpoche.


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By releasing our ego to the guru principle (all events and relationships that remove our darkness), the mind easily engages in humble cleansing. Kundalini awakening is what happens when our energy centers are filled with pure light. By doing Kundalini yoga, the anatomy of our hands and knees and spine is fundamentally strengthened to prepare for such an awakening.

We are able to relax into right relationship with the coming age through siri meditation. The practice is non-dogmatic, suitable for all faiths, based in science and the ancient power of our dynamic potential. Get connected to find peace in your awareness. Meditation brings knowledge, and true knowledge can result in karma modifications. Through kundalini meditation and gong, you can build within yourself a philosophy of love. Kundalini is the warrior’s creativity.

These poses create happiness within, which is our natural state. Kundalini yoga allows us to experience peace as we cleanse stuck energy. This movement, breath, and matwork is the key to an open heart and freedom from pain. Ujjayi (warrior’s breath) is a way to cultivate your power as you move toward atma jnana, the realization that one's true self is one with all that is.

Humility Creates Miracles with Nihal Kaur


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Acknowledge the reality of miracles as they flow out of one being into the beings around them.

Bringing prana into the heart, expanding it, we tap into that universal consciousness, the part of us that knows worlds beyond what our finite self knows. As we become crystal clear our heart is open, we're able to be all we can be. Expanding within our own infinite space.

Humility is being willing to acknowledge that we are not the most powerful thing in the universe. Humility is not weakness. It is being open to receiving guidance from something greater than ourselves, usually in the form of intuition. Being willing to listen, to go beyond our doubts, to accept a wisdom deeper than our own.

In order to receive inner guidance our heart center must be open, and we must have the willpower to follow it. We build this will to act by strengthening the navel point. We learn to welcome this guidance.

Life Long Secrets of the Basics with Kirantana MS


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To practice yoga properly one must first eliminate ideas about the separation of spirit and body. Yoga has to be done from a place of unity with the Cosmos. This class is to introduce students to the “Philosophy of the Sphere” (the energetic bubble which we use to separate our energy from those around us). This is the beginning of Kundalini. Containment of energy creates pressure, pressure creates heat, heat turns to light. Compressed even more by internal concentration the radiated energy has nowhere else to go and begins to seep out through the pores thus creating the “Aura”.

Learn respect for Sat Nam and you will be on the path of yamas. Kirantana MS in this class uses abdominal poses to activate the kidney meridian to reduce aching muscles and activate energy. Awaken energies through an extended gong where we focus on developing clear attention and becoming centered.

Detoxification can occur as we create heat in our chakras and use meditation and affirmations, reducing agitation and generating body tone and strength. Those who have resolve to create wellness in their own lives are willing to invest in their personal strength through yoga and mediation. Practice yoga daily to achieve vibrancy, using the science of opening the mind in guided meditation. Shift tension and allow yourself to experience the effects of the calm and sensible yogi's mind. Fully engage with your yoga practice and harness your life's purpose!

Philosophy of the Sphere


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The Sphere is the 8th chakra, your aura.
The long Ek Ong Kar is a primary trigger for releasing Kundalini Shakti from the core into the aura.

In this kundalini yoga set the long Ek Ong Kar chant is expressed to invoke the primal energy that created the whole universe. This mantra helps us to remember that it is important to be aware of whether our choices are being made consciously or unconsciously. In making these decisions we are becoming the introspective creator of our reality. This allows us to open the natural pathways of consciousness to overcome challenges.

This meditative mantra is an amplifier for creation. The first step is “vac siddhi” that allows the throat chakra to open. Kundalini must first be raisedin the body where the heart chakra is located. This chakra can only be opened through the feeling of authentic joy. Chanting this phrase allows you to perfect your words get introduced to the throat chakra, accomplishing the first step towards creating your universe in awareness. This practice can help to restore your spirituality, increase your connection in a gentle manner we invite you to find balance and stability in the flow of life. Repeating the sequence of sounds in this mantra will manifest your intentions fully as they are supported by the divine creator.

Oiling the Brain and Opening the Third Eye with Kirantana MS


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Yoga for Self Awareness


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Balance and peace of mind isn't something we find, we build it within ourselves. We have to be centered. We have to have that peaceful space that we can enter each day. Starting each morning in that infinite place within though sadhana, spiritual practice, sets the day up to its fullest potential.

Maya makes us believe that natural kundalini isn’t our birthright. Yet when we watch yoga videos, science shows us that pain dissolves. Yoga is the gateway to Kundalini and inner love energy. By cultivating meditation and eliminating hurry, our emotional meditation practice shifts when we practice yoga online. Develop warrior hips and hands with yoga, practice modifications in our power hatha yoga class. Workout the chakras in sirsasana and create energy and knowledge. Hare! Knees open in the potential of wellness through meditation. Connection helps wake though short classes, like Ravishankar’s mind we see irritability disappear and creativity, confident kundalini, and awakening, grow.

Tips for awareness: Releasing stress through Guided meditation, your body can know Krishna. Stabilize and improve inner strength by taking yoga classes online, and study this ancient Global mind practices to eliminate stressful elements. Peace exists as but a short connected class away. By utilizing matwork and ujjayi breath, we are able to center padma prana and connect to Ram loving. Yin yoga and workshops are taught through our yoga videos, and we get to decompress in this online yoga class. Kundalini Live helps burn karma through ritual vinyasa. Increase circulation in your anatomy through the movement of power and mind through physical kundalini.

Philosophy teaches love, bandha, and Sat: Sitting with free yoga videos, peaceful poses go straight to your head and cleanse it with happiness. Partner with our guru in light relaxing healing, learn posture yoga, as a fusion of physical respect and standing with Rattana. Become a dynamic healthy version of rejuvenation to be teaching balance and flow to everyone you meet. Siri means invigorating the breath like pilates while focusing on elimination in the power centers.

Cooking the Navel Chakra


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When negative energy from the heart is invoked and dislodged it must be sent down to the Navel Chakra. The nervous strength of the Navel Chakra must be increased to hold the discursive energies from the subconscious long enough to transform them into vitality. These kriyas create a place of focus that does not move in the midst of dynamic energies, automatically increasing willpower and concentration.

This is very important, even when your mind wanders, bring your attention back to the third chakra. Bring your back straight, choose to bring in fresh new energy back into the body. Don't sit rigid, relax your shoulders, relax your jaw, be feeling that you are sitting within this big sphere of energy, and yet focus, keep it centered in the belly, don't let it go spinning off into space.

Dragon breath, breath of fire is vigorous, creating heat. You are using your willpower, and it's very much connected to the idea that whatever you put into this class, you get out of it...Concentrate, breathe powerfully. Keep the energy inside the sphere. Don't let the mind wander, try to keep the mind concentrated through the entire class. It's almost impossible to do but the effort is what you need to capture the kundalini with, the prana. Real powerful, concentrate, breathe powerfully.

This is where you are telling the subconscious mind to keep all the energies down in the belly. Inhale more, stay concentrated in your sphere. Relax